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Shaant's new note on facebook

Sep. 14th, 2007 | 05:45 pm
posted by: dazzle_me_cute in teamshaant

dotcoms refreshing
1:31am Today
there are statements people will make that are true. there are lies people will tell you that seem like they are true. is it easier to swallow the sweet lie than the bitter truth even if the sugar poisons you in the end? i guess it all comes down to what is better for you now. instant gratification. we're in it to win it. you do something and get something back. exchanges. it's how the world works. fast paced and heavy handed. you gotta do what you gotta do. reality is false. so false that the lie becomes the truth. black becomes white and up is down. inverted and opposite. scared and fearless. everything and nothing all at once.

so maybe it makes no sense. maybe it confuses you even more. smiles kids, that's the real shocker. gotta keep it bright. gotta make it look real. make up and cover up. faking it for the airwaves. that's what it's all about. style over substance. As long as you look the part, who cares if the part doesn't fit? well just in case they're all wondering about it, might as well spin them another lie. press is fake fake fake. can you even believe a word i say anymore?

oh well i guess i can be a poster kid for your scene. i have the look. i have the wit, the touch, the credentials. maybe i should get the gold though i'll settle for silver. rule number one. never date a reporter or she'll report you. well life is long darling and the road is gonna get steeper. take it easy while you can it won't stay this way forever. soon that million dollar smile is gonna fade and all you had will be dust. if all you have is looks you're screwed because looks never last. they'll crack like a mirror. so have some smart words behind you and keep your chin raised. don't let them see it.

i guess things just got a little bitter.

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Mar. 21st, 2007 | 09:22 pm
posted by: strsrblnd in teamshaant

Welcome to the newly opened Team Shaant.

As you may of already noticed, it smells nice & new. I'd like it to stay that way aswell. 
So no littering please, remember to put things in the bin & to wash up after yourself.

You may have already assumed, this community is everything Shaant Hacikyan.  
But like all communities, we have rules;


1) This community supports old & new members of CIWWAF.
2) Friends only posts are preffered.
3) Our topic? Shaant. Please remember that.
4) Pictures behind a cut.
5) No arguing please, this is all to have fun.
6) If you feel as if some thing is being done wrong around here, tell us. 
Don't hesitate & get straight to the point. We like to know if something isnt satisfactory.
7) DON'T POST PERSONAL INFO. His family, his friends, his personal life.
You wouldnt like it if it happened to you, so please dont do it to Shaant.

Jump on board & get posting! :]

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